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Having Workout Partner Pays Off

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

A workout partner for success and $$$.

As you all know I am hosting a New Group Fitness Class called willPower & Grace.  It’s going to be quite a workout and a positively upbeat experience.  I am sure you will get sweaty and have some fun.  What could make this experience better you ask?  Well how about if it was Free! Here’s how you do it.

Share it with a friend. Grab a workout partner and join the fun!  Bring a buddy with you and you will enjoy many benefits.

1. Studies show that having a workout partner can keep you focused on your fitness goals. For example if you are trying to get stronger your partner can encourage you to do one more push up. They can also remind you that you couldn’t even do one push up when you started and get you exited about your progress and success. Often we are so focused on the goal that we forget how far we have come.  It’s great to have someone there to both push you and remind you of small successes along the way.

2. Time flies when you’re having fun.  Just because it’s called “work” doesn’t mean you won’t be laughing along the way.I remember my friend Chris and I would laugh so hard  that our abs would hurt even before we got to the crunches. Having a friend to talk to and  laugh with will make the time go by faster and you may even workout longer.

3. Choose a close friend to be your workout partner and your workouts become a fantastic way to nurture a friendship.  In these days when schedules are packed full, finding time to spend with friends can be tough. If I may quote “killing two birds with one stone” you can schedule a workout and nurture your relationship with your friend at the same time.  You may even find a few minuties after class to get a healthy smoothie together.

Sounds great, but how does my workout partner help me get the class for free?

Here’s how your workout partner can help. For the first month if you bring a friend to my class then you get the class for Free!  Now that is a workout that really does pay off! Better body, fuller wallet.

So get a buddy, get in shape, have fun, get it for Free!!! Check out the link for more info

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