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How to be more spiritual

What do you do every day to be more spiritual? How do you connect with the non-physical part of yourself that governs your emotions and helps develop your character?You may have heard the expression Mind, Body and Spirit, but what does that mean to you?  

Spirituality is actually something I help my clients balance along with their health, happiness and fitness.

Often when it comes to fitness we are focused on our bodies more than our mind and spirit. Feeling more balanced can help you make better choices, feel more fulfilled and may even help you enjoy your life even more. Where do you need to put more attention to feel more balanced in your life?

Take time to create a personal practice of spirituality that helps you align with your higher self, or God, or whatever you call the power of Universal intelligence. Try making it a simple two minute activity that you can do in the morning. Gratitude is one of the easiest ways to begin connecting and you can build upon that with a quick guided meditation or prayer.

Join my online 7-week program that will balance your body, mind and spirit with food, fitness, mindset exercises and meditation.

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