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Meet ‘Super Girl’ Dara Fischetti a National Certified Health & Fitness Expert and Holistic Life Coach who is passionate about helping men and women around the world find their very own ‘Superhero’ through Holistic Health Education, Online Energy Balancing & Individualized Coaching.


Dara is a published author of two books: ‘You, Happy Ever After’ and ‘Get Super Fit with Super Girl’.

Before creating Super Girl Fitness she spent over 15 years as a professional dancer, actress and stuntwoman performing in shows like The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Show at Walt Disney World, Terminator 2/3-D at Universal Studios, and many Hollywood films and Television Shows such as Spiderman 2, Monster-in-Law, Dukes of Hazard, CSI and many more.


Dara says, "The most important thing to me besides getting my clients results, is the experience they have on their journey and the relationship I create with them.

This should be an exciting journey that brings them closer to loving themselves more and more every day.


I want them to also understand that I’ve experienced many of the same struggles and I understand what they are going through.


They need to trust me, so they feel safe to share their fears and uncertainties. Once they open up, I can coach them to create new ways of thinking and give them tools they can use to approach the challenges that might hold them back.


Every time one of my clients shares something deep and personal, I feel like it’s a wonderful gift to be there to help them through it and empower them to create a lifelong transformation.

Often the hardest thing to do is take the first step.

If you are ready to start taking care of yourself and you want to make a transformation in your health, fitness, mindset and life then NOW is the time.

You are in the right place...let's chat and I'll help you make the first move in the direction of your goals and dreams."

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