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Dara’s energy, enthusiasm and insights into personal transformation is outstanding. She’s got a BIG BIG heart and isn’t afraid to hold you accountable to make sure you reach your goals. When I was ready to quit and give up she really helped me stay motivated and on track! Thank you Dara for helping me with my action plan and staying on top of my game! Big Hugs xx



Dara is not only a wonderful trainer and coach, she is a wonderful human being. She radiates positivity. Just being around her makes me feel good!



Dara Fischetti is one of the strongest, bravest, vibrant women I have ever met. In the 11 years I have known her, she has taught me life skills, given me health and wellness guidance, and helped me realize the kind of person I want to be. She is an inspiration and I am so grateful she is a part of my life.



 Dara is amazing!

I can’t thank her enough for her guidance and support. While most people think of fitness as just the “physical” strength, Dara incorporates the mental & emotional strength that EVERYONE needs in order to become stronger. When your mind, heart, and soul is full, happy, and fulfilled, your body will respond POSITIVELY to the physical demands that lifting, high intense training, core, and yoga places on your BODY. Dara taught me that a perfect body is a not about gettin’ muscles and trying to get a flat 6-pack belly ;)…it’s really about your body working in simpatico with your brain, your heart, your soul so that the rest of your body will become complete.  I know I sound really hokey pokey magic, but Dara is THAT MAGICAL! (of course with all the fitness credentials that an expert holds)

She is a wonderful Yoga Instructor/Personal Trainer! I’ve learned so much about my body and have seen significant gains both physically and mentally. Dara is absolutely a gem because she understands the human body & form. I love all of our sessions! The bonus is the meditation that happens after a Yoga Session! Love love love love her!

Dara is definitely a people person, very approachable, silly, goofy, but serious about you and your goals. Oh snap, she also switches up your routine and build on your skills so you come out of each session smarter and more confident about your physicality & strength. I feel very thankful to have met Dara! Woo hOoOoO!

I highly recommend Dara if you’re looking to try Yoga/Personal Training. Your body will thank you. ;D



I moved to Hermosa Beach 2 years ago from Woodland Hills CA. I wanted to continue doing Pilates which i had done for over a year in the valley, So i started going to different studios. Over and over again i was met with rude stuck up trainers that were more concerned with image and filled with pre conceived notions about where i came from. So i decided to look for a personal trainer instead. I had no experience working out and just knew that i wanted someone that would be patient and understand that working out for me was just as much a mental stress reliever as a way to look good. I ran across Dara on yelp, I went to her website and read about her , one thing in particular stood out to me, she advised that you find someone that was concerned with your health and not just your pocketbook. So i made an appointment. I was so impressed with our first meeting , she did an in depth analysis of my diet , background and goals.

She also asked about my family and overall situation in life. I have been working out with her for a little over 4 months now and could not be happier , My body is stronger and leaner and I feel a lot less stressed out. We always have a different work out and my core , legs abs and arms are stronger. If you want to work out with someone who has a great outlook on life and that REALLY cares about you i highly recommend that you contact Dara! I look forward to every week!!!!!!!!!!!!



I have never looked forward to working out until now, when I have my training sessions with Dara. She really works hard to find out my strengths and weaknesses and comes up with the best workout plans. She is so patient and positive and has made me feel so good and confident. Dara even has a great meal plan that is so simple, practical and works! I’m just so happy I have her as my trainer. She’s very knowledgable, kind and funny too!  I haven’t just lost weight, I’ve toned and strengthened my body as well, all thanks to Dara. Seriously, she is awesome. Thank you Dara!! See you at our next workout!



I’ve been going to Super Girl Fitness for a little over six months now and my money is well spent. I’ve not only lost weight but my body fat % dropped too! I go twice a week for 1 hour workouts with Dara and I’m always excited to get up and go. Each workout is different so it never gets boring. She is attentive to your needs and works with you to make sure you are doing each exercise correctly and effectively. What I enjoy most is how she pushes me to go harder with each and every workout! If you’re looking for a trainer who will kick your butt but want to have fun while doing it she is your gal!



I was looking for a personal trainer in Redondo Beach and Super Girl Fitness was the first to come up on the list, with solid 5 star reviews. I decided to give it a try and it was the best decision ever! I worked with Dara before my wedding and she helped me build my strength and get to the fitness level I wanted. She is very friendly and caring and her workouts are always fun and challenging in a good way! I can’t get enough. Thanks Dara!



I just absolutely LOVE Dara! I starting seeing her about 5 months ago to get in better shape for my wedding last month. I lost 12 pounds and have built muscle. She is so sincere and REAL which is so hard to find these days. She genuinely cares! She helped me with meal plans and recipes as well. Even though my wedding is done with, I’m continuing to see her.

Thank you Dara!



Dara is an amazing trainer, teacher and person! I totally trust her to have my best interest in mind and to mold my workouts to my specific needs.  She is so encouraging and supportive and never makes me feel ashamed or guilty.  Her positive approach to motivation encompasses not only your body, but your mind and your spirit.  If a better body is your goal, she will help you get that PLUS a healthier approach to life, if you are open to it. She never “phones it in” and always makes me feel special. I am so much healthier and confident since I started working out with her twice a week.

Thanks Dara!



Dara was not only a trainer she became a friend.  I don’t know what I would have done without her during my wedding process.

It was about a year before my wedding and I knew I needed to get in shape.  The first thing I always turn to is Yelp to help me find just about everything.  I read Dara’s reviews and I set up an appointment immediately.  On our first consultation Dara really made me feel like she cared.  Not that I was just another client but that she genuinely cared about my goals and well-being.  I left that first day knowing she was the perfect person to work with.

Dara’s workouts are always different and challenging, but she never pushes you farther than she knows you can go.  At the beginning of every session she would always check in to see how I was feeling…if anything was too sore or what areas I wanted to work on.  She really customized every work out to what I wanted.

Dara was so much more than just a personal trainer, she was someone to talk to and be an open ear to sometimes just vent.  The wedding planning process can be very stressful and Dara really helped me though a lot of the stressful times.  I always left every session feeling 100% better than when I walked in.

Dara also gives great nutritional advice.  She always asked how my diet was and made sure I was getting proper nutrition.  If I ever had a question or needed a new recipe Dara always had great suggestions.  Even when I came in feeling like I was getting a cold she gave me Echinacea right out of her own cabinet.

When I started with Dara I felt unhealthy and bad about myself.  I left a year later feeling like a different person.  I lost 15 pounds and gained strength and my self-confidence back.  If anyone is looking for a trainer, even if you aren’t getting married, I would highly recommend Dara!  Your body is so worth the investment and you will be so thankful you hired such an amazing trainer like Dara!



I highly recommend training with Dara! After only a few sessions I saw a big difference. She is very knowledgeable about fitness and tailors each work out to get your desired results. Even though you’re working, the time spent there goes by quickly and is actually fun. When I leave her studio I feel strong!



 am a 35 year old hard-working girl who likes to travel, hike, ski and go on adventures. 
Finding Super Girl Fit saved me. I went to Dara trying to get toned and in shape to keep up with my busy life, but what I got was SO much more!
I started with twice a week training sessions that were so fun, I could not wait until the next one. When I started I could barely do a push-up. Now I can do planks and side planks, push-ups, burpees, you name it….I’ll try it!
When I got engaged I started focusing on my arms and diet. This is what I love about Dara, she is not only about fitness but about all aspects of your life — Fitness/Diet/Stress/Beauty/Happiness/Sleep.
She always has the perfect advice for me.

I decided to try the detox program from Dara and her partner Deanne through Super Fit Solutions. After 7 days, I could literally fit in pants that didn’t fit me for over 5 years. My skin became very clear and healthy and I had so much energy. They helped me figure out the right diet to maintain energy and a healthy body.  Quick, easy recipes were always hard for me to think of and the programs grocery lists  and recipes make it a no-brainer!

It is now a week before my wedding and I am so confident that I will rock my dress. My arms have never looked this good my whole life and my skin (especially my back) is so clear it is AMAZING!

It is a blessing to find great people to help you feel good about life. Positive energy, humor and healthy living. 

I highly recommend Super Girl Fit and Super Fit Solutions



I have had the pleasure of working with Dara Fischetti as a personal trainer for one year. My husband and I started working with Dara taking semi-private yoga instruction. We did that for several sessions. As a result of worsening of a congenital problem that I have, I needed to discontinue yoga instruction. Dara was very willing to work with me to come up with a new program that fit my needs. My husband also needed to modify the yoga routines he was doing which she did for him. We have both found Dara to be very flexible and always focused on doing what is best for her customers.

She is extremely knowledgeable not only in yoga but also in other exercise methods and uses this knowledge to help her customers get the most out of the time the spend with her in class. She recommends books, home exercises, web sites and even has given me information to improve the health of our pet cats. Her goal is always to help her customers feel better and improve their health.

Dara is always upbeat and energetic and makes her classes fun and inspirational. I highly recommend Dara Fischetti to anyone looking for a personal fitness trainer.

Laura Linda

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