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Wedding Dress Workout

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Are you a soon to be Bride or Groom?

Want to look picture perfect on your wedding day?

Then schedule a consultation….

Find out how to be a Beautiful Bride or Handsome Groom from Head to Toe, Inside and Out.

Call now and Ask about Super Girl Fitness Special Program

“Wedding Day  Fitness and Nutrition Makeover!”

  1. Tone, tighten and slim down all while reducing wedding stress!

  2. Couple or individual consultation for your customized workout and nutrition plan.

  3. Start your fitness makeover and dazzle your friends and family by looking terrific and feeling fabulous!

Here’s what Katy has to say about Dara…

Dara was not only a trainer she became a friend.  I don’t know what I would have done without her during my wedding process.

It was about a year before my wedding and I knew I needed to get in shape.  The first thing I always turn to is Yelp to help me find just about everything.  I read Dara’s reviews and I set up an appointment immediately.  On our first consultation Dara really made me feel like she cared.  Not that I was just another client but that she genuinely cared about my goals and well-being.  I left that first day knowing she was the perfect person to work with.

Dara’s workouts are always different and challenging, but she never pushes you farther than she knows you can go.  At the beginning of every session she would always check in to see how I was feeling…if anything was too sore or what areas I wanted to work on.  She really customized every work out to what I wanted.

Dara was so much more than just a personal trainer, she was someone to talk to and be an open ear to sometimes just vent.  The wedding planning process can be very stressful and Dara really helped me though a lot of the stressful times.  I always left every session feeling 100% better than when I walked in.

Dara also gives great nutritional advice.  She always asked how my diet was and made sure I was getting proper nutrition.  If I ever had a question or needed a new recipe Dara always had great suggestions.  Even when I came in feeling like I was getting a cold she gave me Echinacea right out of her own cabinet.

When I started with Dara I felt unhealthy and bad about myself.  I left a year later feeling like a different person.  I lost 15 pounds and gained strength and my self-confidence back.  If anyone is looking for a trainer, even if you aren’t getting married, I would highly recommend Dara!  Your body is so worth the investment and you will be so thankful you hired such an amazing trainer like Dara!

Start now before wedding day is here!

Here’s what Stephanie has to say about Super Girl Fitness…..

wedding day workout

I met Dara 6 months before my wedding and I keep telling people it was meant to be! My husband and I had reserved a venue and a date for our wedding the month before I met Dara. Of course I wanted to loose some weight and tone up but I was not feeling motivated. Then I met Dara! I overheard her telling someone that she was a personal trainer and something about her drew me in. We started talking and she told me about her wedding workout and her custom nutrition plans. Something clicked inside me. Dara’s energy and excitement is infectious! We set up an appointment and met to talk about my goals and my feelings about how I got to where I was. We even looked at my dress, which helped me get excited and serious about getting into fantastic shape! Dara also set up a nutrition plan which I followed religiously and still do (minus the honeymoon :P).

Dara is very aware about what your limits are and when to push you. This is the advantage to a private workout. She specifically focused on my personal goals and success. She regularly talks with me about how I’m feeling, sleeping and my diet. Her regular attention has helped keep me mindful of the decisions I am making everyday. For example, getting to bed earlier for adequate sleep and making the decision to go for a walk after work instead of plopping down in front of the TV. You can only help someone if they want to help themselves but Dara is positive, encouraging and motivates in a way that fuels your desire to improve!

For a wedding gift to my husband I decided to do a boudoir photo book. After I booked the appointment I suddenly began to panic! I told Dara about the photos and so we specifically focused on problem areas and it made such a difference. The pictures turned out amazing! I can’t even believe it’s me! Getting into good shape is a great confidence booster, which you need to take a boudoir photo!

For the last month leading up to my wedding there were times I was feeling overwhelmed and working out just seemed like one more thing to do but I knew that during and after my workouts I would feel so much better. The time I spent working out was my time. It was time I could block-out the family, wedding vendors and the millions of decisions I was facing!

When wedding day came around I had lost about 20 lbs and toned up nicely! I felt so good and my stress levels were down! I was so “Zen” on my wedding day. Everyone was feeling happy. My husband and I were living in the moment and I truly believe it was because I wasn’t feeling stressed or worried. Other people really do pick up the energy you give off and as the bride everyone has their focus on you. I believe my workouts really helped to manage my stress leading up to that day and Dara was always there to keep me focused and encouraged! She won’t let you give up!

I am not going to quit now that the wedding is over. After the honeymoon I got right back on schedule. It was tough but I knew it would be too easy to pick up old habits.

Dara will not only guide you through your workout, nutrition and lifestyle changes but she sets the example by living and eating well. She is happy and wants her clients to be happy. She will help you develop the mentality and physical steps to change your life!

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