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Are you ready for a Barefoot Cardio Fitness Class?

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

If you are interested in a new, exciting way to train then you need to check out my new Barefoot Cardio Fitness Class!!

Experience willPower & grace®. 

An inspiring, high energy, cardiovascular and total body workout.

Your barefoot cardio fitness class will include:

  1. the benefits of cardio-sculpt

  2. the intensity of a boot-camp

  3. the self awareness of a yoga practice

  4. the discipline of Pilates

  5. the uplifting philosophy of a meditation session.

This class is for students of all levels.

This workout is super fun and challenging. Working out and running barefoot has become quite popular. Have you noticed people running barefoot?  Do you want to find out what all the hype is about?  If you have been wanting to try running barefoot I recommend trying this barefoot cardio fitness class first. You will introduce your feet to warm up exercises that will improve circulation and range of motion of the toes.  In addition you will learn techniques on how to land on your bare feet safely. There are many ways this workout will help and prepare you for barefoot running.  The exercises will help you develop stronger muscles in your feet, ankles, and lower legs.  These are necessary for anyone wanting to try barefoot running.

Why did I decide to offer this barefoot cardio fitness class?

I have a private studio where I train most of my clients barefoot. This helps them develop the muscles in their feet.  Your feet are made up of 20 muscles, 33 different joints and 100 ligaments, so why not workout those muscles too?  If you wear shoes all day these muscles are not able to work to their fullest capacity.  The body will then have to recruit other muscles to do what these muscles do, sometimes that can result in tight calves and hamstrings.  You may also notice how well formed the arches are on people who exercise barefoot.  Check out the feet in a yoga class if you need proof.  Many people also experience leg cramps which can also be caused by wearing shoes all the time.  When I decided to offer a group class I knew I wasn’t interested in teaching a class that required shoes.  Knowing all this information I felt that I had to further my passion for the foot by offering a barefoot cardio fitness class.

This workout includes cardio conditioning, strength training, and balance, flexibility, and coordination work, all done barefoot with great uplifting music in a positive atmosphere. Come check out this barefoot cardio fitness class and join the barefoot revolution. Learn how to improve your balance and trust your feet! Join the class by signing up on my site

For more info on this Barefoot Cardio Fitness Class check out

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