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Choose Wisely

There is a cycle that we live out all day every day and that is this…what we put in our bodies, causes us to feel a certain way. These feelings affect our thoughts. Our thoughts affect our actions.  Then it begins over again.  Intake affects output.  By intake I mean anything that uses any of your five senses like eating, or auditory like listening to music, birds singing, or someone speaking. It can be something visual like watching a movie or observing a beautiful sunset.

Output refers to your thoughts, feeling, and actions.  How you treat yourself and how you treat others.  Are you motivated?  Do you have a sense of passion or purpose?  Do you engage in activities that move you closer to your goals? Basically what we take in affects what we put out.

If you are constantly making poor food choices or denying your body nutrition it needs you will not feel your best or look your best.  This will affect your actions. Let me explain.

Recently I was on a sugar kick.  It seemed like I couldn’t eat enough chocolate or sweets.  I was going through this phase for about three weeks and my body finally began to object. My stomach was bloated, I gained almost 5 pounds, and my energy was up and down like a ride at Six Flags.  I was getting dressed for a networking event to promote Super Girl Fitness and all of my clothes were too tight.  I sat on my bed in disgust and decided not to go.  How was I going to go promote health and fitness when I wasn’t even following my own simple advice?  I stayed home and felt terribly disappointed in myself because not only did I neglect my body but also now I was missing out on business opportunities.  My input was three weeks of poor food choice and my output was affecting my ability to further my career.  Not good.

So you see it is a cause and effect cycle. I ate sugar which caused me to feel sluggish which had a negative effect on my desire to workout and my ability to concentrate which made me feel even worse about myself and then eat ice cream for comfort and so on.  Or, I was in a stressful situation, which caused me to tense up and hold my breath and raise my heart rate and blood pressure, and then snap at my child or spouse.

I can use the same cycle and choose healthy options, which will have a more positive effect on my body, my thoughts, my feelings, and actions.  All of this boils down to one important thing, You!  Your life.  How you feel, what you think, what you do. So the next time you are faced with a choice of what to eat, choose wisely.  Your choice will affect you for hours, maybe even days after you eat it.  If you want to feel great and have more energy choose foods that have energy and life in them.  Foods that are alive like bright fruits and deep colored vegetables.  Choose wisely and you will see and feel the difference.

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