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Get Ready For The Next Big Event In Your Life!

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Getting Camera/Event Ready in 1 2 3!

A month ago I was in Orlando Florida filming a photo shoot and  an  interview for “America’s Premier Experts”.  I was super excited to be on the show and especially happy that it was filmed in Florida near my hometown.  Not only did I have an awesome time on the set filming the show, but I also enjoyed some quality time with my Mom and Dad.  So much fun to be home and get some TLC from my folks.

About two months before I left for Florida I was a little anxious because I wanted to look my best on camera.  Knowing that the camera adds a few pounds I began a diet and exercise regime that was quite disciplined.  I knew I had a specific amount of time to get “ready for my close up” so I put together an effective program that would deliver the results I wanted. Looking fantastic was my main goal but I knew I would enjoy the whole event even more if I felt amazing as well.

Getting ready for an event can be a bit overwhelming.  Depending on the event and your involvement in the planning there can be a lot of stress and anticipation leading up to it.  How we take care of ourselves determines everything from how we will look and feel to even our enjoyment of the whole affair.  Here are a few tips help you look and feel your best for the next big event in your life.

Number one:  Make a plan.  Sit down and look at your time frame and devise a program that will be the most effective in the time allowed.  Having a professional (like myself) in charge can take the guesswork out of the equation. Know what is possible to achieve in a certain amount of time, depending on your level of commitment.  Wasting time trying out different fad diets and trendy exercise routines will only frustrate you and waste precious time.  I can help you create your own personal map to success.

Number two: Commit!  Do you are want to look awesome on your wedding day, or sexy and toned in your bikini on your vacation?  How about sleek and slim for your family reunion?  Then the first step is to find out why?  What I mean is usually there is a feeling you are trying to achieve.  Like feeling confident, or relaxed, or proud.  Maybe you want to look awesome in the photos you will treasure of the event forever.  Which ever it is, find your why, and find out your level of commitment.  What are you willing to do or give up? If it’s just for an event then you know you won’t have to stay away from sweets forever, just long enough to achieve your goal.

Number three: Get a coach, or an accountability partner, or both.  Taking the initiative  to buckle down on your diet and  ramp up your exercise program takes discipline.  If you are not where you want to be already chances are you are in need of someone to hold you responsible.  If you tell no one about your goal then eating the third piece of pizza or skipping your workout will be easy to do.  If there is someone to report to then you will find a way to say no to food that won’t support your goal.  You will also be more inclined to exercise when you know someone is keeping track of your activity.

FInally decide what you are going to wear and hang it where you can see it everyday.  I remember I hung my bikini on the fridge two weeks before I left for  Fiji, and the dress I am wearing on the red carpet event before the show hung on my closet door for a whole month before I left for Florida. Just a friendly reminder to stop the night time snacking, and kick up my workouts.  It really worked!

My client Stephanie recently lost 16 lbs and 10% body fat in preparation for her Wedding Day. She is going to be a beautiful bride beaming with self-confidence and glowing with her new sexy figure.  Way to go Stephanie!  Look for her before and after pics soon on my website at

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