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Get Super Fit with Super Girl…what?

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Let me explain…

“Get Super Fit with Super Girl”.  I can only guess that you are thinking, “That sounds great but why is this person calling herself Super Girl?”   Super Girl is a nickname given to me by my beautiful friend Victoria.  Spending time with her always leaves me feeling amazing. I will always be thankful for the support and friendship that Victoria and her family have given me. During my divorce she was a shoulder to cry on, an awesome sounding board with invaluable advice, and a cheerleader that made me feel unstoppable.  She started calling me Super Girl because she said she was so impressed with how much I was doing all at once.  Basically, I was starting my whole life over.

You see I was handed divorce papers on Thanksgiving Day, forced to move out of my home, start a business, make new friends, and rebuild my self-esteem (that had plummeted to an all-time low). I also had to detox from all of the harmful substances I had been ingesting, and clean house of all the toxic people who were not helping me be the best I could be. After years of bad decisions, I was faced with a life or death situation.  I decided to be my own super hero. Hence Super Girl Fitness was born.

“If I had to live my life again, I’d make the same mistakes, only sooner”

-Tallulah Bankhead

I don’t regret going through the heart ache and troubled times I have experienced.  You see, all of my mistakes have brought me to this place, right here and now.  I feel my experiences have put me in a place where I can help others.  I knew exactly what not to do. I embarked on a quest to find out what I could do to feel strong, confident, energetic, composed, loved, and of course happy (everything I had wanted to feel).  Not just fit, Super Fit.

What is Super Fit?  I don’t want to jump buildings in a single bound!

You don’t have to compete in Ironman races and lift ten times your body weight to feel Super Fit. You see I describe Super Fit as being healthy and well, body, mind, and spirit. Fit from the inside out. Fit in all three of the important aspects of health, physically fit, emotionally fit, nutritionally fit. That is what I can help you achieve.  I want to share with you simple steps you can do everyday to become Super Fit! You will see how easy it is to take a few minutes everyday to dedicate to the most important person in your life…you.

Isn’t there an easier way? Super Fit sounds arduous.

I know you are busy with work, significant others, family, and responsibilities. I know you want to feel and look better than you do. Let me assure you there is no magic pill. Trust me I know, I spent years searching high and low for one. If such a pill did exist I would have found it by now.  What I have found is this formula for feeling Super fit.  Body, Mind, and Spirit, all in top condition. Give yourself the time and energy you deserve and desperately need.  Be your own super hero and save yourself from dangerous diet pills or bad advice. Let me share with you how I have reached my current state of peak health and fitness by doing these simple steps everyday.  By learning how to take care of myself I have found out just how powerful I really am.  You too can be a Super Girl, or a Super Guy, or just feel Super inside and out. Super Fit.

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