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How to Naturally Reduce Stress and Pain

Walking barefoot on the earth or “grounding” is a simple way to absorb the electromagnetic charge of the earth through physical touch.🌎🌱🌿

Earthing or grounding refers to the discovery of benefits -including better sleep and reduce pain-from walking barefoot outside.

There are small scale studies that look at the effects of earthing.

One study examined people with chronic pain and sleep troubles. The participants who slept grounded reported a reduction in chronic pain, respiratory problems, arthritis, apnea and hypertension while the control group did not.

In my own personal experience I have noticed that I sleep better on a beach vacation or after walking in the sand or being in the ocean. I also noticed I feel much better when I spend time in nature.

The benefits of earthing include reducing inflammation, chronic pain, improving sleep and energy and lowering stress. Try it for yourself kick off your shoes and go for a nice long walk on the beach, near a lake, or in a beautiful grassy meadow.

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