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stuffed artichokes

STUFFED ARTICHOKES Recipe: Ingredients: 6 medium sized artichokes 1 pound plain bread crumbs 1/4 pound grated Grana Padano or Parmigiano Cheese 2 Cloves finely chopped garlic parsley extra virgin olive oil salt & pepper to taste


1. Clean the artichokes by removing the harder outer leaves and cutting the stem and the top part of the leaves as they may have thorns. 2. Wash and drain the artichokes well. 3. In a saute` pan put the bread crumbs and the garlic. Saute` until the bread crumbs are lightly golden. Let cool off. 4. Add to the bread crumbs the finely chopped parsley, salt & pepper as desired, a bit more finely chopped garlic, the grated cheese and some olive oil. 5. Mix the ingredients very well until the oil is evenly absorbed. 6. Take each artichoke, open the leaves as much as you can and insert among the leaves the bread crumb mixture. 7. Place the artichokes in an oven pan and add 2-3 inches of chicken stock. 8. Place the pan on the stove and cook for 30 mins covered. 9. Finish off by putting the pan in the oven uncovered for 20-30 more mins. at 400 F. 10. Drizzle each artichoke with olive oil and serve in a little broth

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