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Super Fit Solutions for a New Lifestyle

Based in Redondo Beach, California, SuperFit Solutions is a unique company created by Dara Fischetti and Deanne Newton to provide a solution for busy women to feel happier about their bodies. After finding the right solutions for their health needs, both women found a way to share their secrets to a healthy lifestyle. With SuperFit Soultions, you will be able to find the motivation you need to eat healthy, enjoy fitness, and learn how to manage stress effectively.

The workout plans, fitness goals and exercises are configured by Dara while Deanne works to share her extensive knowledge of health, nutrition and medicine. Diet plans are created with recipes provided and supplementation options to get you on the right track to health, no matter how busy you are.

Customized Programs

There are several options provided by SuperFit Solutions Redondo, including Get Lean with Greens, Happiness Home Spa and Feel Fab This Fall. The programs are constantly changing to offer unique and direct approaches to a healthier lifestyle.

With the Get Lean with Green program, you learn how to improve your energy level, the appearance of your skin, strength of immune system and more by adding in green vegetables. The online program shows you exactly how to use 15 different greens in your menu plan to gain the essential nutritional value of each vegetable. Learn how to purchase, clean and cook the veggies to your benefit. More than 50 recipes are provided to get you started as well as a 7-day menu plan.

Recipes and Workouts

Getting started with a new health regime can be hard, especially when it comes to exercise and food. SuperFit Solutions Redondo can help by providing recipes that are easy to follow as well as workout plans to get you started. Begin your journey to better health by taking advantage of all the programs and information provided by SuperFit Solutions.

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