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why you can’t keep new year’s resolutions

If you are having trouble sticking to a healthier lifestyle you may be missing this key ingredient

Think about the things in life you make time for. Usually they are important to you and they are in some way enjoyable? Well if you are falling short of the goals you feel are important to you, it may be because you left out this key ingredient…Fun!

Watch the video for more info and come up with a few ways to make your goals more fun. How can you enjoy getting fit and healthy even more?

Here are some ideas 1. workout with a friend that makes you laugh 2. cook or prepare meals with a fun group and try a new recipe 3. take a dance class or organize a game in your neighborhood

If you want to be part of a fun & supportive online group that will help you balance and energize your body and stick to a healthier lifestyle then join my program Get Energy Now. Click Here for more details

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