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3 Important Reasons to Strengthen Your Core

Have you ever heard this before….

“Let’s do some Core exercises

“Do you have a strong Core?”

“Ok, let’s do a Plank to strengthen the Core”

Mention the Core to most people and they will automatically think of their abdominal muscles.  Now this is true. The four abdominal muscles do make up a major part of your Core….

Transverse abdominals

The Obliques (Internal & external)

The Rectus Abdominals

Don’t stop there, your Core muscles go way beyond this and includes the muscles of the arches of your feet, inner thighs, hips, hamstrings, pelvic floor, and lower back, and the diaphragm, which is the large muscle below the lungs responsible for breathing.

So you see that these muscles assist you with every movement from bending, reaching, squatting, balance and the Yes, the most important Breathing!

So let me begin here when I share with you

Three Reasons to Strengthen Your Core

If you cannot Breathe deeply you will not be able to take in as much oxygen as your body needs.  Shallow breathing can cause a myriad of problems including; low energy levels, memory problems, stress, and tightness in the upper shoulder and neck muscles.

When you have strong core muscles you protect your body from injury and decrease pain.  Your muscles support your joints so they don’t have to do all the work.  If you have joint pain rather than taking anti-inflammatory drugs try doing exercises to strengthen your Core.

Finally if you are not worried about anything more than your physical appearance than consider this…  When your core is strong you stand up taller and look slimmer and more confident.

These are only a few of the reasons to keep a strong Core.

If I have convinced you to begin a program specializing in these muscles then stay tuned because February is dedicated to “The Core” You will receive a whole workout to get you started feeling strong, breathing deep, and looking taller and slimmer. Here’s to feeling great all the way to your Core!

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