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Guided Meditation for Confidence

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

A guided meditation can be a fantastic tool to help us when faced with uncertainty and chaos in life. Specific guided meditations like the one I created is designed to help you find your center and feel more confident?

A great guided meditation can help you focus your mind and change your perspective or outlook on your current situation.

Meditation can be challenging for most of us. We are often told things like ‘clear your mind’ which is impossible! Instead, I invite you to try focusing your mind on what you want, or how you want to feel. Allowing someone to guide you through a meditation is a much better option for most of us and it will have positive effects that last all day long.

That’s why I created this quick guided meditation that will help you shift your mindset and create a sense of confidence.

For this meditation you will first need to grab a pen and paper and write down ‘5 Truths’ about yourself. These are 5 qualities that make you feel proud of who you really are deep inside.

Are you thoughtful and caring? Write it down.

Are you joyful and uplifting to be around? Write it down.

Are you punctual and very considerate of other people’s time? That’s a great quality, so write it down.

Write down your ‘5 Truths’ and then find a peaceful place to sit, get comfy and enjoy!

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