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How I Took Control Of The Voice In My Head.

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

I remember this experience like it was yesterday.  I was in a rehearsal for The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular live show at Walt Disney World in Florida.  I was so excited to be learning all the fight choreography and I was thrilled about doing some of the stunts.

The scene we were rehearsing involved climbing up ladders and jumping from building to building.  Lots of quick footwork and agility were needed to get through the various movements and onto the next stunt.

As I began to climb onto the first ladder all of a sudden I heard a loud voice in my head say, “don’t do that, you’re going to fall and get hurt.”  It startled me, who was that I thought?  I managed to ignore it but it came back again.  Every time I was about to execute my next move there it was.  What is that? I thought.  More importantly “who” is that?  How am I supposed to learn do perform in this stunt show if that voice keeps messing with my head?

I finally realized that the voice was my grandmother who was always convinced that I shouldn’t be out climbing on anything because it was dangerous and I would get hurt.  This coupled with the fact that I was a clumsy child really made her warnings seem true.  But I was a child then and here I am a grown woman and all I can hear is her voice every time I would begin to take another step.

It was time to take control of my thoughts.

I’m sure you have had the experience of hearing in your head something negative someone said to you.  “You can’t do that.”  “You can’t sing”  “You should have done better”  “You’re too fat.”  Most of the phrases are playing over and over again and we don’t even realize it. Well it’s time to take control of your personal soundtrack that is playing day after day.  This is your opportunity to create your very own mantra or incantation.  Something positive that will help you to achieve your goals.  Something that makes you feel strong and in control.

An incantation or mantra is the process of embodying a phrase over and over again until it starts to imbed itself into your mind.

These words or phrases are designed to keep you focused and help create transformation.

Some examples are…

I Am Powerful

Everyday in Every way I am getting Stronger & Stronger. Or Better & Better.

I accept my Greatness with Gratitude.

I am in touch with my Inner Wisdom

I am Loving.  I am Loved.

When you give an unquestioned command to your brain it tends to stick around.  The more you reinforce it, you strengthen the links between nerve cells in your brain.

You must say them out loud, using your body and your emotion.  If you cannot say them out loud find a quiet place you can at least whisper them to yourself.  Do this over and over again especially first thing in the morning or when coupled with movement like a run or a walk.

Incantations or mantras are known to increase self-confidence, and put you in peak brain states for ultimate focus and direction.

They are especially good for helping you learn new skills, even stunt shows.

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