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The Natural Way to Improve Sleep and Increase Energy

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Movement is key for a healthy life. We all know that we are exposed to toxins – chemicals, plastics, pesticides, pollution – on a daily basis and that these toxins can be released from our bodies through sweating, cleansing and eating right. But, did you know that we also have electrical charges that often create havoc in our bodies? We literally become positively charged because we have not earthed or grounded ourselves sufficiently.

This might sound crazy to you, but just hear me out, keep reading, and give it a try!

Grounding is the process of removing the excess charge on an object by means of the transfer of electrons between it and another object of substantial size. When a charged object is grounded, the excess charge is balanced by the transfer of electrons between the charged object and a ground.

Studies have shown that earthing or grounding improves blood viscosity, heart rate variability, inflammation, cortisol dynamics, sleep, autonomic nervous system (ANS) balance, and reduces the effects of stress.

Throughout history, humans have spent time outdoors in direct contact with the soil much more than we do in modern times. From walking on the ground barefoot, to gardening or tilling the soil, humans have always touched the earth . . . until recently. Now, we live in houses, wear rubber-soled shoes, are exposed to electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) daily and don’t often come into direct contact with the ground.

Earthing or grounding is the process of connecting with the earth’s healing energy to help reduce inflammation and ultimately improve health by promoting electron balance in the body. According to emerging research, earthing or grounding can be beneficial in:

  1. Reducing inflammation by defusing excess positive electrons

  2. Reducing chronic pain

  3. Improving sleep 

  4. Increasing energy

  5. Lowering stress and promoting calmness by reducing stress hormones

  6. Normalizing biological rhythms 

  7. Improving blood pressure and blood flow

  8. Relieving muscle tension and headache

  9. Lessening menstrual and female hormone symptoms

  10. Speeding up the healing process

  11. Eliminating jet lag

  12. Protecting the body from EMFs

  13. Shortening recovery time from injury or athletic activity

  14. Reducing or eliminating snoring

  15. Helping  support adrenal health

The great thing is that it is so easy to do. The best way to perform earthing is to remove your shoes and let your feet come into contact with rock, dirt, water or sand. By touching your feet to the ground, you instantly discharge this electrical build-up from your body. 

Earthing may be one of the most important yet overlooked factor to easily improve health. When grounding is restored, many people report significant improvement in a wide range of ailments, including chronic fatigue. These changes are rapid and often occur within 30 minutes.

When you provide your body with a constant source of free electrons, through diet or grounding, you help to radically reduce internal inflammation which is one of the primary factors contributing to premature aging and chronic disease.


Have you ever noticed that you sleep better on a beach vacation after walking in the sand or being in the ocean? The sand and ocean water are both extremely conductive and both help ground the body and remove excess positive electrons. Plus, salt water is very high in magnesium which is a very important mineral necessary for sleep. 

So, go outside and walk around barefoot in the dirt or sand for a naturally relaxing and grounding experience.  It might sound a little crazy, but trust me – you will feel much better and will most likely sleep like a baby!

Feel free to share!


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